So much for not getting an ultrasound before leaving for vacation. I’ve now had two.

I’ve been really concerned the past three days because I’ve developed some decent low back pain. Depending where you look, low back pain is either a sign of miscarriage (although I haven’t had it with mine) or a normal pregnancy symptom. But the back pain combined with the continuing brown discharge and our impending week-long vacation far away from the RE’s office made me call in again today.

The fellow, who has been super nice, called back and asked if I could come in right then because she had a small opening in her schedule. I hustled over with a knot quickly forming in my stomach. I wanted to know before we got on that airplane if there was no hope.

But, after a few worrisome moments of her scanning around, she found the fetal pole and heartbeat. I had to remind myself that as an RE fellow she probably isn’t doing a ton of early prenatal ultrasounds. Plus, she is using a portable ultrasound machine which doesn’t give a picture nearly as clear as the one my OB’s office uses.

But it was there. Measuring 6 weeks 0 days, which is 2 days behind by my count and right on schedule by her count. The heartbeat was 110 bpm which she said is excellent at 6 weeks. The gestational sac was measuring 7 weeks 2 days, and I’m honestly not sure if that is an issue, but if so, she didn’t mention it.

She again looked at my ovaries but saw nothing causing the bleeding. The only thing she saw that could potentially be the source was a small black area near the gestational sac. She said it almost looked like a sac that never formed. However after looking back at some of my other ultrasounds i’ve had black spots like that before that were never mentioned. So who knows.

Now I get to leave for vacation a little calmer. I’m obviously not out of the woods since we’ve seen a heartbeat at 6 weeks with all three of our losses. The last two both stopped growing at 6 weeks 1 day, so unfortunately we haven’t passed that milestone either. But, the last one had only a weak heartbeat (that wasn’t even measured) so at least this one has a good looking heartbeat.

Just hoping that when we come back in for the next ultrasound baby has continued to grow and at that point we’d be well passed our first milestone.

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7 thoughts on “Heartbeat

  1. So happy for you hon. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation. I will be praying for you for everything to be perfect at your next scan.

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