Bella: 21 months

I feel like time is both flying by and standing still right now. This pregnancy is progressing at a snail’s pace. But Bella is getting big so fast! As I said last month, I feel like I am going to blink and she will be 2.

21 monthsThis has been an interesting month developmentally. One huge change in the past week is that she all of a sudden loves books! She has gone from maybe letting us get through a few pages (although she could sometimes make it through an entire lift the flap book) to wanting to read books all the time. She seriously wakes up in the morning now and the first thing she says is “book”.

IMG_4935Favorite books right now are “Potty”, “Bella Loves Bunny”, and “Where’s Spot?”.

We’ve also had a language development where Bella is trying to put together two words. She doesn’t quite have it yet, i.e. when trying to say “bye mama” or “bye dada” she says “mye mama” or “dye dada”. Its very close though. Just today she said “sit mama” for the first time, so I think these will continue to progress!

New words over the past month: Book, Shorts, Dog, Car, Pease (please), Goal, Dodow (touchdown…complete with hands over head), Plane (while pointing up in the sky), Pee Pee, Bear, and Cat,

Enjoying books has definitely helped with vocabulary as both bear and cat come from books that she reads.

Some other fun photos from the month:


enjoying her new Panthers jersey


Happy on the slide at school with her teacher

Last week we went to the Florida State pep rally at a local restaurant with our neighbors. Bella was none to thrilled to meet the cheerleaders.


We are definitely not a selfie family but this is from our hay ride over the weekend. Bella loves iphones, and even more, loves looking at pictures on the iphone or iPad!IMG_4932

This week Bella is student of the month. She helped me decorate her poster by coloring and adding stickers!



This video is also a common occurrence around our house. Bella loves the idea of feeding Titan, but wants she gets his treats, she just teases him with it and refuses to give it to him! I think she is scared of getting slobbered on but the teasing is so mean! Its a good thing he is a friendly and patient dog.

Favorites from this month: sitting on dada’s lap for second dinner, playing in her kitchen, reading books on mama or dada’s lap, and playing with latex gloves.

It’s so exciting watching her take in so many new things all around. I can’t wait to take her to St. John where she’ll get to experience the beach for the first time since she was five months old!


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