A day at the farm

We’ve had such a gorgeous weather weekend here! I’ve been trying to take it easy, so after having some neighbors over to watch college football yesterday, today we went to the farm!

We’re fortunate to have a small family farm about two miles down the road. For the past two years, we’ve picked strawberries there, but today we checked out their fall activities.

IMG_1334We started with the corn maze, and thankfully were able to find our way out after just a few (or maybe a dozen) wrong turns. Bella walked for part of it but also insisted that Lance carry her for more than he would have liked.


We were provided with a sheet of clues that helped to tell us which direction to go at a few of the junctions. Bella “helped” choose the route.


When each group enters the corn maze, they’re given a flag to hold up in case you get lost and can’t find your way out. Bella wanted to carry ours even though it was almost three times her height!

After the corn maze, we explored the rest of the grounds. There were tons of activities and we probably only did half of them.

IMG_1340 IMG_1344We didn’t feed the goats, but Bella had fun looking at them and saying “goat!”


Of course, we found the slide! Big girl going down all by herself.

IMG_1352There was also a corn pit. Bella decided it was her job to empty all of the corn out of the pit.


We took the “hay ride” to the pumpkin patch, even there was no hay. Bella seemed to enjoy it though!

IMG_1360We decided that we wanted to buy our pumpkins at the same pumpkin patch as last year, so we just looked around today. Bella really wanted to roll all of the pumpkins.

IMG_1363 IMG_1367

She also wanted to pick up the smaller ones and then drop them.



We had to include a mom activity. One of my favorite episodes of Modern Family is when they go “pumpkin chunkin”. I had to give it a try myself!

IMG_1376 IMG_1379On the way out, Bella climbed in the giant spider web.




It seems like all of a sudden Bella is actually able to have fun at these sorts of places. Our baby girl is becoming a full on toddler and we are loving all of the joy and wonder that goes along with this age!




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