Not that it matters…part II

Lance is normal too! Neither of us have a balanced translocation.

Glad that we can check that off the list of potential reasons for our losses! Now we just have to hope that it was just some bad luck with the others…either random chromosomal issues or something else.

If it was my thyroid levels, I’m hoping that the 50 mcg of synthroid is doing its job! I’ll have that re-tested in 2.5 weeks, on the same day as my first ultrasound.

Some slight nausea has kicked in today. I have barely felt any since my first two days of finding out that I was pregnant, so happy that it is hopefully reappearing.

After four days away, I’m ready for a super relaxing weekend! I think we will be watching a lot of football and heading over to the corn maze/pumpkin patch that is right down the road from our house. What is everyone else doing this weekend?


One thought on “Not that it matters…part II

  1. Glad your hubby’s tests came back normal too. Keeping everything crossed for you for your ultrasound! We’ll be working in the nursery all weekend so it will busy but fun 🙂 Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

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