Good news and not so good news

I went to the RE’s office first thing this morning to get my blood drawn. They tested my HCG and TSH.

The HCG number is right where it should be at 93.

The TSH is the disappointing one. It has only come down to 3.77 in the 3 weeks that I’ve been on the medication. We do need to keep in mind that I was supposed to have this done a week from now as it can take 4-6 weeks for the medication to enter the bloodstream. Dr. P. also increased my dose to 50 mcg of synthroid so I’m hoping the double dose does its job.

I guess we just have to have faith that it is going to be ok and focus on the good HCG number! I’ll have that re-checked Wednesday morning to see if it is doubling!


3 thoughts on “Good news and not so good news

  1. So happy the hcg looks good and that they are monitoring your TSH. Praying it gets under control soon and all is good with your little one!

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