So we were trying to not get pregnant this month. But I guess we weren’t trying hard enough.

I was supposed to sit this month out while we waited for the synthroid to bring my TSH down. But I ended up ovulating earlier than normal and now here we are.

It’s so funny how this isn’t even something to celebrate anymore. We are obviously happy, but it’s more like “ok what is the gameplan to not lose this one.”

I’ve emailed Dr. P. and I assume I’ll go in first thing Monday to get my TSH tested so that we can increase my dose if needed.

I just hope that this is it. That this fifth pregnancy can be our last.


3 thoughts on “Well…

  1. Thinking of you.. stay strong. Someone once told me this and it helped.. “New sperm, new egg, new pregnancy.” It’s so easy to base all of our thoughts out of fear because of our histories, but it’s not the same. Yes, it could end the same, but it’s a new start. Sending so much love and support. Hugs.

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