Summing things up

Today was our follow-up appointment with Dr. P. to discuss all of the testing that I’ve had done thus far and what our next steps are.

Since he had absolutely zero recollection of who we were, he read all of my test results out loud. Basic reminder – all blood clotting tests normal. AMH a little high which could mean PCOS. He kind of glossed over this which I guess means it is not our issue. TSH high but he is now saying that he doesn’t think that is the cause (although he still says we need to get it under 2.5 before my next pregnancy). He says we have a 4% chance of a balanced translocation, although those results are not in yet. He expects to see them within a week.

Then we got to the big one. The saline ultrasound results. He re-looked at the pictures and said that due to its shape, he thinks it is an adhesion and not a polyp. Whatever it is, its small and not a definite cause of the miscarriages. However, his suggestion is a hysteroscopy, and if it is indeed an adhesion, he’d remove it and then insert a balloon for 10 days, followed by hormone therapy for an additional period of time. We’d have to wait two months to try to conceive if we get this surgery.

I tried to get him to elaborate on the odds of that being the cause of our losses, but he just couldn’t say. Basically what I got out of this resulting conversation was that any of the following could happen:

– Have a hysteroscopy and go on to have a successful pregnancy
– Have a hysteroscopy and have another miscarriage
– Don’t have the hysteroscopy and go on to have a successful pregnancy
– Don’t have a hysteroscopy and have another miscarriage

So at this point we still haven’t made a final decision, but I think we are leaning towards not doing the hysteroscopy and just crossing our fingers. It may be hard to understand why we’d make that decision, but the thought of pushing things off another couple of months and having yet another invasive procedure on my uterus is just hard to take when we can’t even know if its the reason for our losses.

I need to make sure I’m at peace with the decision before its the final call, but that is how we are both feeling at the moment. I hate that everyone time I go to that office, I just get so angry and frustrated that we are in this position. I thought I wanted answers but now I just feel that things are even more muddled. Hoping that peace and clarity can set in soon.


2 thoughts on “Summing things up

  1. I appreciate your frustration of wanting answers and not getting them! It seems to be our experience every time we go to our RE – I really like him and our clinic, and they cannot change the fact that our RPL is unexplained, but it still drives me crazy! I hope you can find some peace and clarity as you move forward to your next try.

  2. I’m thinking of you as you make your decision ❤ There have been so many times where I just wished I could know the future and what would happen if we pursued different avenues. It is so hard to know what's best. But it sounds like you are listening to your gut which is all you can do right now. I totally understand not wanting another invasive procedure that would put everything on hold for the next 2 months. xo

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