Bella: 20 Months

It’s September! I can’t believe it. Fall is definitely my most favorite season, but its hard to believe that it is already just around the corner. And now that Ms. Bella is 20 months old, I feel like her second birthday is going to be here before we know it. Hard to grasp just how big she is now, but I can tell because one year old kids look like babies to me!

20 months


Bella had a great month. She went to two birthday parties, and for the first time she could really play! One was at an inflatable gym and the other was at a really neat outdoor play area. She is just scratching the surface of being able to do all of these big kid activities, but she fully enjoyed each party. So much fun to watch!

IMG_1182 IMG_1194


The outdoor party was at a place called Three Bear Acres. They had a giant toboggan slide which we knew Bella would love. It is so funny how she hates swings but loves slides!

IMG_1226 IMG_1217 IMG_1230 IMG_1242 IMG_1257 IMG_1277

We’ve also been spending increasing amounts of time at the pool. Bella is really starting to love it there and even learned the word “pool” when we went for the third straight day on Labor Day. It’s been great for us too as we’ve started to make friends with several neighbors that have kids close to Bella’s age. So meeting at the pool is a play date for all!

“More” is another new word this month, and while it usually applies to food, it also came in handy to let us know that she wanted to continuously jump to us in the pool!

LANGUAGE: Just in the past few days, she has learned three new words. So while it was overall a slow month for language development, I think the leap is here.

New words this month:
Bye-pah (diaper)
Pah Pah (pop pop)
Hah (hot)
Yeah (yes)
Busss (blueberries)
Bah-pah (grandpa)

She is also starting to repeat more. We’ve been trying to teach her car and she will now repeat that, so I think saying it on her own is going to come soon.

Here are a few more photos from the month:

IMG_1972 IMG_1203 IMG_1285 IMG_1290 IMG_1291 IMG_1300

As I mentioned, we’ve been getting to know some of our neighbors. One had a little Labor Day gathering yesterday. When we came inside to eat, Bella sat on their bench with 2 three year olds and ate dinner like a big girl! We were so proud.


And as anyone who has been following the blog for a while knows, Bella absolutely loves bananas. Loves them so much that it was her first word (nana). Loves them so much that its often the first thing she says when she comes down the stairs in the morning. Even though she doesn’t even eat breakfast at home on weekdays.

So we’ve finally captured the pure joy of a banana in Bella’s eyes on film. Enjoy!



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