Saline Ultrasound and More Results

At least Dr. P has kept his word about knocking out all of this testing.

Last night I found out my AMH is 4.82. AMH measures ovarian reserve. AMH is also kind of tricky. You want a high number, but not too high. My number is a little too high, which apparently can either mean ovulation issues or just a bunch of eggs. Since we know I regularly ovulate and we get pregnant easily, we’re hoping that it just means I have lots of eggs. We still need to have further discussion with Dr. P. about what this means but as of right now, I’m hoping its nothing bad.

We also got the homocysteine results back and they were normal. So with that results every single blood clotting test has come back clean – likely meaning that isn’t my issue.

So today was the saline ultrasound. I was pretty nervous going into it after mistakenly googling the procedure ahead of time. While it was pretty uncomfortable, I didn’t have the horrible reaction that some people seem to have. The fellow conducted the test with one of the attendings doing most of the reading and analyzing. They started out by inserting the speculum and then they were supposed to put in a catheter. The fellow struggled for almost 5 minutes trying to get the catheter in before the attending recommended that she dilate me to be able to get it in. I have such great luck with this stuff! Thankfully the pain from the dilation was only a few minutes and she quickly got the catheter in once she did that. Then they inserted the ultrasound wand and the show began.

They looked at my uterus and took some pictures. Then they looked at my ovaries. The fellow called out my antral follicle count numbers and I took note that they were 12 on one ovary and 22 on the other. They didn’t comment on it but I think those are good numbers?

They initially said my uterus looked good, but on the 3D look they noticed something sticking into the uterine cavity. The attending said it looked really small. She said that some doctors (ie Dr. P.) may want to do a hysteroscopy to look at it closer and possibly remove it, while she, usually errs on the side of not interfering with something so small.

So then Dr. P., who must have been double-booked during my procedure, sent me an email saying that he spoke with the fellow and reviewed the pictures and that it looks like I might have mild scarring in the uterine cavity.

I quizzed the poor fill-in attending like crazy following the procedure and she said that I should absolutely get my TSH under 2.5. We asked her about her thoughts on recurrent loss treatments and she said her big things were making sure people don’t have anti-phospholipid syndrome (I don’t) and that their TSH levels are appropriate (working on it).

Our follow-up appointment to discuss all of these different results is in 3 weeks. We’ve finally given in to sitting this cycle out and not trying. This will allow the thyroid meds to do their thing and hopefully bring my TSH levels into a more appropriate range.

I’m really not sure what to make of everything today. It stinks that they originally thought all was clear and now they think there might be some scarring going on. Now the last result we are waiting on is karotyping for Lance and I but that will still be a few more weeks. Just have to stay as busy as we have been!



2 thoughts on “Saline Ultrasound and More Results

  1. Those are some great numbers for follicles for sure! I’m so sorry about the scarring, but hopefully it won’t be too much of an issue. I hope everything else comes back all clear and the meds for your thyroid does the trick!

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