We may have something here…

This morning, my favorite email subject line popped up in my inbox. “TEST RESULTS are now in your chart”. I quickly clicked over and saw that six of my results had come back. Five from the blood drawn yesterday plus the lupus anticoagulant from Monday.

Factor V Leiden, prolactin, and prothrombin gene mutation were all normal as was the lupus anticoagulant. The homocysteine results said “lab error” and that it had to be sent to a different lab. I also had a result that just confirmed that my chromosome analysis sample had been received.

But the other result that came in actually showed something. My TSH came back at 4.25. Even though the “normal range” goes above 5, my RE put a note on it saying that this was likely too high for pregnancy. He asked me to come in and have it re-drawn and tested again and said that he’d start me on meds if it came back high again.

So given that I haven’t actually talked to my doctor, I’ve been relying on Dr. Google and my best friend Jen for my information. Dr. Google said that TSH should be below 2.0 in the first trimester. Jen said that her doctors wanted hers as close to 1 as possible during her last pregnancy.

It looks like I may have gotten my wish and found something that just needs daily pills to cure. The only downside (besides living with hypothyroidism) would be that I would likely have to skip trying to conceive this month because it will take more than a few weeks for my TSH to come down (and Jen also prepared me that if my body doesn’t react well to the drug they give me it could take months).

I have tons of questions now but I’m just going to wait and see if this next test matches the last one before I get too worked up over this. I don’t really have symptoms of hypothyoidism, and Dr. P. had previously said that he didn’t think I had a hormonal issue, so this is pretty surprising to me.

I’ll be sure to update once I get the next set of results!


2 thoughts on “We may have something here…

  1. I hope it was just a fluke with those results and when you go in to retest that it is normal. It’s great they got those results to you so fast. My labs from last Monday almost 2 weeks ago just came up yesterday. I will be praying for you.

  2. I always have mixed feelings when I get an abnormal test result – I want everything to be normal, but I also want to find a cause for the losses. My TSH was also high (6.06) and I’m currently on 75 mcg of Levothyroxine. The good thing about the TSH is it’s fixable. It did take a couple months to get my levels down, but my RE said I was especially tricky. Good luck! Hope they nailed the problem 🙂

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