Let the Testing Begin

Monday is here as is CD1! Woohoo! This is definitely the fastest my body has gotten back to normal and I am very thankful for that. 

However, now I’m facing some confusion working with my RE. 

I emailed him last week and told him about the non-results from the cytogenetics and said that I thought my period would be returning in the next few days. He responded and said that he was going to order three blood tests: lupus anticoagulant, anti-cardiolipin, and anti-beta 2 glycoprotein. These all test for blood clotting disorders. He also said that I should call and schedule my saline ultrasound as soon as I get my second period.

The problem here? He previously told me to schedule my saline ultrasound after my first period!! So it is already scheduled for next Tuesday! I decided to not even respond to that part of his email and keep it scheduled as is for next week. I really don’t think he understands that we aren’t trying to have this testing drag out for months on end.

I was also really confused as to why I had to wait for my period to start to get tested for blood clotting disorders. Couldn’t he have tested for these three weeks ago? I thought the whole point of waiting until now was so that we could just test everything all at once including the typical day three labs. 

It is nice that he emails quickly and all, but I get the feeling that he has trouble keeping his patients straight and I’m already very frustrated. I decided to go in today to get those three tests drawn, and sent him a message asking if I could get the day three tests done on Wednesday. We will see what he says. I’d really hate to waste this whole cycle. After waiting four weeks to get no answers from the fetal tissue testing, it is even more frustrating to basically be told that we have to slowly do all of these tests a few at a time! 

For those of you that have been through this, is this how your doctors did things? I really just want them to take 15 vials and test everything at once! 




2 thoughts on “Let the Testing Begin

  1. I don’t blame you for being frustrated hon. It’s so annoying when they tell you one thing and then not remember and tell you to do another thing. I will say this, when we did all our RPL testing 2 years ago, my RE told me I had to wait until I got my first period after a loss to do the bloodwork because the pregnancy hormones that are still in our system can skew the results of the blood clotting tests. Your RE really should have explained that to you though. Praying you get all your tests done quickly and that you get some answers! Hugs ❤

    • That makes me feel better! He communicates frequently which is nice but is so unclear that I always have a follow up question. Glad to hear from you that there was actually a reason to wait.

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