3 weeks

Today marks three weeks since my D&C. I feel like I am handling things ok emotionally right now, and physically I feel perfect. I have my occasional rough moments with the “why us” questions, but for the most part I’m just trying to think positively and pray that we get some answers from the testing.

Speaking of testing, we were told that we should receive cytogenetics results in 3-4 weeks. So when I got an email tonight saying “new test results in your chart”, I clicked over excitingly. I couldn’t believe my luck that I was actually getting my results on the earlier end!

But then I logged into the online patient system and there weren’t any results there! It was just a tease email…most likely an error with the system (this online system is only about a year old…and it has had its share of errors). I sent the doctor a note asking what the deal was, so I guess we’ll see if she has any response.

So that is my update. The waiting game continues!


4 thoughts on “3 weeks

  1. Glad that you are feeling better. They usually say it takes that long but I think ours was only about a week and a half to come back. I hope yours come in soon : )

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