Bella: 19 months

How are we already closer to 2 than 1?!

19 months

This month’s photo was a little harder to take. Bella is in a real “daddy” phase right now and just wants Lance to hold her/hold her hand all of the time. So she didn’t really want to stay in the chair when daddy was a few feet away! Bracelet bribery was necessary.

I think it is time to change the format of these posts a little bit now that we have crossed the year and a half threshold. Lots of things aren’t changing as much anymore (i.e. every month sleeps all night, eats everything, etc.) so I think we’ll end up just giving more of a general recap now.

Language: The language leap didn’t really “leap” as much as I thought it would. But its definitely getting there.

Bella’s new words this month:
Beya (Bella)
Ba bal (ball)
Ma (more)
Sah (sock)
Mama – sidenote: finally!
Sih (sit)
Side suh (outside)
Pee pee: whispered…and only repeated when we say it
Pooh pooh: same as above

School: Amazingly, Bella is about to start her last week as a “Mariquita”. Starting the following week, she’ll move up to the “Buhitos” class. She’ll stay in that class for an entire year with other kids that don’t quite hit the “2 by September 1” deadline. Crazy to think that she is already on a school calendar and that she’ll now be in the same class each year for the next four years before kindergarten.

ready for the parade at "princes and knights" day at school

ready for the parade at “princes and knights” day at school

Favorites: Anyone who is a facebook friend has probably seen the video of Bella and the washing machine. But oh my goodness it still makes me laugh every time. Bella definitely loves all things laundry related!

She also loves the rain right now. It has been a rainy few weeks and she thinks getting wet is hilarious.


Titan has become her new best friend. She loves giving him big hugs and petting him. Sometimes we have to remember to be gentle because “petting” becomes more like “slapping” his back.

IMG_1920 IMG_1925 IMG_1945


The pool is still the place to be on the weekends. For as much as she is absolutely despising baths right now, she absolutely loves the pool! I wish we understood the reason for the bath hatred!

IMG_4607 IMG_4658


Some other random pictures from July:

discovering Lance's old bear during our Virginia trip

discovering Lance’s old bear during our Virginia trip

no highchair? no problem

no highchair? no problem

climbing into the car now!

climbing into the car now!


at home at the bar

at home at the bar

pizza anyone?

pizza anyone?

getting really good with utensils!

getting really good with utensils!

And that’s a recap of this month. Hard to believe how fast this summer is going. Bella is trying to set a record for her amount of sleep today. I woke her up at 9:30 this morning after returning from the gym. I couldn’t believe that both she and Lance were still asleep. Then we went to a party at bounce gym and now she has been down for over two hours since we returned. Sometimes I think she is like a newborn where all she does is eat and sleep! I really think that with the short naps at daycare she uses the weekends to re-charge herself.


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