Catching Up…Quite the Week

I’m just now getting the chance to write about this. It has been a really crazy few days.

I was pregnant. Now I’m not. On Friday, when I should have been 6 weeks 6 days, I started getting some pink spotting. My heart dropped as soon as I saw it. This pregnancy had seemed like it was off to such a good start. I was nauseous, my boobs were sore and growing, and I just felt good about things. The spotting went from pink to red to brown to pink all before my regularly-scheduled ultrasound Monday morning.

Given my history, Lance and I knew we were going to get bad news. If you read the internet enough, lots of people say not to worry “unless yo are soaking a pad”. This statement is so untrue. Well for the 2nd time in four months and 3rd time overall, we saw a baby with no heartbeat. This time a baby who’d had a heartbeat just one week prior.

I didn’t even cry at the doctor’s office this time. I went home and laid in bed and tried to sleep. But I hadn’t eaten all day and felt really nauseous. Around 10 am I tried to force some food down. By noon I had vomited it all back up. As the day went on I started to feel more feverish. I had full body aches and alternated between sweats and chills. After we put Bella to sleep, I took my temperature and it was 100.6. My normal temperature is in the 97s so that is pretty high for me. I called the after hours line at the OB and it took an hour to get a call back from the nurse. She consulted the doctor on call who decided I should go to the ER.

So after one of our friends showed up to spend the night with Bella (who thankfully slept the whole time we were gone), we left for the hospital. They drew tons of blood and the OB attending and her residents came down to do a consult. Once I vomited in front of the OB, she decided it just wasn’t worth risking things and that I should have an emergency D&C. Lance’s hospital connections moved us along so quickly that I was wheeled up to the OR in less than 30 minutes.

We were home by 5 am, minus a baby and plus a bunch of antibiotics and percocet. Yesterday I pretty much slept all day due to the anesthesia after-effects and percocet. Today I’m back at work and everything is just starting to hit me. There are so many questions and I only hope we can find some answers.

We’ll be going to see a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) in the near future to get testing done, and we should see results from the fetal tissue that they collected in 3-4 weeks.

I hope we can get things figured out. Part of me wants to dive right back in and the other part wants to really wait and get lots of test results first. I guess we’ll just be giving it some time and see how we’re feeling.


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