Father’s Day 2014

We celebrated Lance’s second Father’s Day on Sunday! Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa James were visiting, making the weekend even more fun!


We started Father’s Day by going out to breakfast. Lance’s request! I offered to cook but he decided that since we haven’t been out to breakfast in months, that was what he really wanted. There was a 30 minute wait to be seated, and Bella entertained herself by running up and down the sidewalk over and over again. Well that, and she ate cheerios.

After breakfast, we gave Lance his Father’s Day gifts. I gave him a new showerhead and Bella gave him a new tool and a pretty piece of art!


Then we all headed to the pool! Bella is becoming more and more comfortable every time we go!



It was “only” 80 degrees so I let Lance and Bella play alone in the water and I took pictures and video. We really took advantage of the empty pool!

It was so nice to celebrate Lance. We really need to do it more than once a year. He is such a good daddy and works hard to make Bella and I are taken care of. I often think about just how lucky we are to have some a great husband and daddy!


IMG_0729 IMG_0733


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