17 months

It’s June! We are basking in this warm weather and enjoying lots of time outside. And today, Bella is 17 months old!

17 months

We actually got a really cute photo of her sitting in the chair. Eating my sock. But then she stood up and was so excited that she could stand on the rocking chair. So I quickly snapped a couple shots, and the result was what you see above. Such a happy girl.

SLEEP: For the most part, this was a great month of sleep. There was a bit of a rough stretch where she went through an ear infection and a stomach bug back to back, but since then it has been a solid 12-13 hours a night. At daycare, her naps have gotten really short. Like sometimes only half an hour. She even got a frowny-face on her daily journal from her teacher for a short nap last week. But at home she is napping three hours on the weekends. We’re guessing that since they nap in cots at daycare that she just wants to get out and play.

FOOD: Still eating pretty much everything. We made shrimp pad thai for dinner tonight and she ate shrimp, mung beans, and noodles. Couldn’t get her to do the snap peas but I think they were just a little hard for her to chew. As they say at daycare Bella “comida all”.

out to dinner on a beautiful evening

out to dinner on a beautiful evening

LANGUAGE: After really slow movement on the language front, I think things are starting to pick up. In the past two weeks we’ve added “no” and “baba” (ball). She also says “wawa” for water/agua/milk, “bah baa” for bye bye (different sounding than “baba” for ball, “nana” for banana, “titah” for Titan/all dogs, and “dada”.

OTHER LEARNING: We’ve been working with Bella on body parts and she is starting to get the hang of them. This month, she can point to her head, feet, eyes, nose (usually a finger up a nostril for this one), and ears. We’re still working on her mouth and the rest of her body. This has been a pretty quick leap in the past few weeks. We’re also starting to notice that she can really follow commands now, like “close the drawer” or “get something from your kitchen”. We also know when she is done eating now because she’ll start shaking her tray.

getting something from her kitchen

getting something from her kitchen

MOVEMENT: Well, she took what seemed like forever to start walking. But she got good at it very quickly. Now she is walking backwards, carrying lots of things while she walks, continuing to go up and down the stairs expertly, and starting to get more comfortable walking on grass. I guess I see why everyone said not to worry about her taking her time to start walking. I’m sure she’ll be all caught up to her classmates in another few months.


putting groceries into the basket

FAVORITES: Take off her socks and play with any socks available. Pretending that she is sleeping when we go into her room in the morning. Wearing any thing on the crook of her arm. Holding on for dear life walking into the pool. Climbing into her chair with a beverage or a book.


THE FUNNIEST: I wrote last month how Bella loves blowing on her food, thinking that everything she eats is hot. Well now that the weather has warmed up, Lance and I often find ourselves saying that things are hot. After Lance had pulled his car into the garage the other day, Bella was walking by and as she went to put her hand on the hood, I told her that it was hot. Her response….blowing on it.


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