Unofficial start to summer

Why do long weekends always seem to fly by? It’s Monday night, and I’m sitting for the first time all day. But the day has been both fun and productive, and we’ve had a blast visiting with mom-mom and pop-pop.


We’ve had pool time, and grilling time, and we finished a ton of projects around the house.


Our new neighborhood has a very similar pool to our old neighborhood, with one major upgrade – zero entry! After a few minutes getting used to the water, Bella eventually walked in all the way up to her armpits.



Bella had so much fun on Sunday that we went back on Monday. Looks like there will be lots of summer days at the pool in our future.


Mom-mom and pop-pop also bought Bella a water table. Lesson learned. Full bathing suit attire is required. Bella was absolutely soaked after 30 minutes!


But oh did she have fun. And the main reason she was completely soaked down her front was because she decided to try and drink out of the cup that came with the table.



We ended the long weekend with a nice cookout on this gorgeous evening.



I’m so excited to spend a lot of time outdoors with Bella this summer. She certainly loves all things water-related right now, so there will definitely be a lot of pool and water table play time in our future.

How did everyone else welcome the unofficial start to summer?


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