Strawberry Season is Here!

Growing up, I had one annual trip to a farm. We’d go in October looking for pumpkins, although never actually picking them from a field. And I loved those trips to Linvilla Orchards. So one of things that I’ve really enjoyed in North Carolina are all of the great strawberry picking farms and that we can get multiple trips a year to get fresh pickings.

Last year, when Bella was around four months old, we went strawberry picking and came home with lots of fresh berries. This year, it turns out that our new home is only five minutes from that farm!


Bella has been under the weather with what we learned today is an ear infection, so she wasn’t super into the strawberry picking.


Favorite parts? Putting the strawberries into the baskets and then pulling them back out. #thingsinthings never fails.


Unfortunately the farm opens at 1 pm on Sundays, right in the middle of nap time, so they were pretty picked over by the time we got there. Next weekend we can hopefully make it on Saturday instead!




Some random man even came up and asked if we wanted a family photo. He had his own large Canon camera so I happily handed over mine figuring he probably knew what to do with it :-).


I hope this is another annual tradition. And it probably will be since it is so close to home and we all love strawberries in this household.

The other benefit of traditions like these are that we can look back at the photos each year to see how Bella has grown. Love this.



The berry looks much smaller in her hand this year.


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