16 Months!

It’s May! My favorite of the non-fall months. We’ve had a mix of gorgeous days and yucky, rainy days here in April. But what else does May bring? Bella is 16 months!

I spent all of the last month saying that Bella would walk by the time she is 16 months old. She has seemed so close for a full month now. But we aren’t there yet. More on that below.

First, our monthly chair photo!

16 months

This is really the first month that I’m seeing her more as a toddler and less as a baby. Her cheeks are still kinda chubby, but she seems so much more like a big girl!

MOVEMENT: Bella is an expert crawler. Pretty funny for someone who took to it so late. Now, she seems to like crawling so much that she is in no rush to move to walking as her primary way to get around. I am fully confident that she could walk now if she wanted to. Over the past few weeks, she is looking super steady on her feet. She no longer leans too far forward and looks off balance. She can go pretty far holding onto one of our hands. She no longer wants to hold two hands, just one. But, when she walks on her own its only 5-10 steps and then she plops down on her butt. She also hasn’t figured out how to go from sitting to standing without pulling up. So while walking is coming, it isn’t quite here yet. I’m actually less stressed over it because I feel like it has to be soon and that she is physically ready. This is becoming an extra long update, but when we moved to our new house, we added another gross motor activity. Stairs! Bella loves them. She can fly up them and in just a few hours, her Grandpa James taught her how to go down them. So now all she wants to do is go up and down the stairs. Like over and over again.

found her spot on the stairs!

found her spot on the stairs!


SPEAKING: Like walking, I think we are really close to a talking explosion. Her big word addition this month is “wawa”. At first we thought this meant water. Then it seemed to cover both water and milk. But now it may also cover food. So maybe it really means “want”. Either way, it means it is time to get something in her belly! She also says “nana” when I pull out a banana and more “mama”s and “dada”s. We can tell that she is understanding so much more of what we say though, so I think all of her babbling is going to turn into words in the near future.


TEETH: Out of nowhere, we noticed that Bella had all four of her molars. She had one night of sleep that she woke up a few times. But it was only one night so we didn’t think much of it. About two weeks later we noticed the first molar was through and tried to get a good enough look at her mouth to see if there were others. It turns out she had all four. So I guess we are going to be in for it when her canines come in!


SLEEP: Our great sleeper is still a great sleeper. She is waking up earlier on some days, but she has been consistently sleeping all night since we moved into our new house. She is also taking longer naps (in the 3 hour neighborhood) on the weekends, probably because her new blackout curtains make the room so dark!

LOVES: Going up and down the stairs. Everyone else’s play kitchens (she just got her own today…more on that in another post). Pushing her walker. Blowing on all of her food, hot or not. Pulling tissues out of the tissue box. Holding (sometimes using) utensils. Wearing things on her elbow like a purse. Going down the slide all by herself!


We’re looking forward to more warmer weather and more time outside. Bella loves doing all thing outdoors, and with the temperatures finally on the warmer side, we’ll happily oblige!


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