A trip north

Last week, we made a trip up north to spend the Passover holiday with my family. My dad was hosting a seder and it was important to be there and see my extended family. This was our first big gathering since my aunt passed away in January, so it was extra good to spend some time with everyone.

We left around 6 pm and Bella thankfully slept for the entire drive. I-95 was reduced to one lane in at least five different locations. Amazingly, only the one in Maryland after midnight had a back-up with it.


Last year, I don’t even remember what we did with Bella during the seder. She may have slept? Continuing the one year later pictures, check out this photo from last year!

with her Great Aunt Shelly...3 months old

with her Great Aunt Shelly…3 months old

This year, we sat down to dinner early so that the four kiddos under four in attendance would be awake. Bella did awesome! Of course, there was food in front of her, so that made it really easy. We aren’t very religious, and I think our seders are more about family tradition than anything, so my dad purchased these 30-minute seder books a few years ago. Bella happily snacked on matzah and a pickle while waiting for us to finish our reading!


ready for her first seder!

ready for her first seder!

family and friends together in PA

family and friends together in PA

Bella was old enough to play with her cousins this year, although attempts at capturing a picture of all of them was difficult to say the least.

Tess and Ozzie enjoying the warm weather before the sunset

Tess and Ozzie enjoying the warm weather before the sunset

Evelyn, Tess, Bella, and Ozzie

Evelyn, Tess, Bella, and Ozzie

the four kiddos after dinner

the four kiddos after dinner

Bella and Tess

Bella and Tess

We gathered everyone for our annual big picture. Not as much success getting all of the dogs into it this time.


I also made sure to take the opportunity to grab pictures of Bella with her grandparents!

IMG_0432 IMG_0441

We were also able to visit with my friend Amie and meet her new little one Emma. Bella and Kira had fun playing together!


We came home on Easter, after Bella received her second Easter basket. Of course, it was most fun to play with the fake grass! She is also obsessed right now with wearing things on her arm. She spent much of the trip wearing an ice bucket on her arm. The easter basket was slightly more appropriate.

IMG_0560 IMG_0569 IMG_0573

After a few more family pictures and lunch, it was time to head home (with a wonderful Easter dinner/playdate stop at Jen & Casey’s house…thanks Jen!).


putting Elmo in the ice bucket with cousin Evelyn


Grandpa Steve with his granddaughters


As annoying as the drive up north is, its always so nice to pack the visits with as much time visiting friends and family as possible. I wish we could have seen more people, but we did pretty well for a four day trip!

I can’t believe April is almost over already. Where has this month gone?


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