Now and then

Two weeks ago we visited Duke Gardens, one of my favorite places for a stroll on a nice day. We had taken Bella there last spring, when she was just a few months old, so its so funny to compare the photos!

4 months old

4 months old

15.5 months old

15.5 months old


4 months old

a little heavier now

a little heavier now

4 months old loving daddy

4 months old loving daddy…look at those cheeks!


wants to grab the tree instead of a finger!

While Lance’s mom and stepdad were in town, we took the opportunity to snap some nice family photos!

IMG_0381 IMG_0404

i love this picture

i love this picture

daddy photobomb!

daddy photobomb!

There was also some walking practice and some time playing in the dirt. Always a fun place to visit in the spring!

IMG_0409 IMG_0417 IMG_0397

We’re lucky to have this gorgeous park so close by. I’ve been fantasizing about a romantic evening picnic with a bottle of wine, or a long, lazy afternoon outing with friends and their kids once Bella is walking. Have to make it happen one of these days!

ps I’m linking up here to the Spring Photo link party over at Bower Power Blog. I love Katie’s photography (when we are lucky enough to get to see it!) and its exciting to join in on the photography fun!


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