We’ve had a few visitors lately, so I thought I would post a few pictures showing life from the past few weeks!

The weekend before we settled on our new home, my friend Kate visited with her husband Joe and their just-about-to-turn-2 year old, Nolan. Kate was my first friend when I moved down to North Carolina almost eight years ago. We were hockey teammates at Penn State and she was the only person I knew when I made that move down here. I’m forever thankful to her for introducing me to a great group of people when I knew no one. Even though they moved to Philly a few years ago, we still keep in touch and I was excited when they decided to come back and visit their old haunts. I made sure to recommend a few fun places that had opened since they moved away, and we scheduled some great playdates with the kiddos!

Bella and Nolan playing with a few cars

Bella and Nolan playing with a few cars




They were looking for a good place to get together for a casual dinner and a few drinks, so I recommended Fullsteam Brewery, one of our favorite Durham spots for a get-together. Usually an awesome spot with picnic tables and plenty of space for kids to run around (yes, its a brewery that allows and encourages children), it turns out that we got there just before it was overrun with people attending a beer launch to benefit the Duke Lemur Center.

Daddy and Bella

Daddy and Bella

girls gathered at Fullsteam

girls gathered at Fullsteam

Kate and Nolan cheesing it up

Kate and Nolan cheesing it up

Bella loves grilled cheese!

Bella loves grilled cheese!

Our favorite grilled cheese food truck was on site, so it made for a perfect, easy dinner with Bella. It was so nice to be able to see our friends. Next time they visit, hopefully Bella and Nolan can actually play together instead of just next to each other.

Kate was originally planning to stay with us, but it was a good thing she changed their plans because our house was full of boxes! We basically interspersed play dates with packing missions. We saved all of our packing for one big week since our house was still on the market. Thankfully we got it all done.

Monday afternoon my dad came down to spend a week with us. We really needed the help! We settled on the house Tuesday morning and within an hour we were at the house, determined to get two rooms painted before moving day on Thursday.


We painted Bella’s room the same color that it was in our old house. Valspar’s Lake Country. I love the way it goes with bright pink!

IMG_0319 IMG_0320

Then we got to work painting the master bedroom. This room got Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray. Loved the way this color turned out!

Those painting projects kept us busy Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was moving day!


We hired movers for the first time in either of our lives, and let me say, it was money well spent! They loaded and unloaded everything in right around five hours. Wonderful that we were able to get to work on unpacking by early afternoon and pick up dinner for a first meal (and champagne) in our new home!


Friday and Saturday were spent staining the deck. Apparently new construction homes don’t come with stain on the decks, so even if you don’t want color, you’d have to seal it yourself. Big, big project that we underestimated. I think Lance said about five times that we should have paid to have it done. But by Saturday at 4:30 pm we had finished two coats on most of the deck and a single coat on the stairs. This Saturday we’ll do the second coat on the stairs and call it finished! I forgot to take before and after pictures of the deck, but you can see the difference pre-stain and during staining (and my dad’s hard work) in this photo.


We did have time for a nice meal out!

Bella and Grandpa Steve

Bella and Grandpa Steve

So that is what we’ve been up to the past few weeks! Things have been much calmer this week as we’ve gone back to work and have been spending time unpacking in the evening.

Visitors certainly make moving more fun!


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