15 months

Wow. I am really behind. I think this is the first time I didn’t make Bella’s monthly post on the 2nd or the 3rd. But it just so happens we moved this week. So life has been absolutely crazy since Tuesday. I’ve finally found some time to sit on the couch (in our new living room…squeal!) But anywho, the point of the post…Bella is 15 months old!

15 months

I feel like Bella is growing up so fast right now. Here are a few of our monthly updates.

MOVEMENT: I finally feel like Bella is getting really close to walking. She can stay up on her own for up to 20 seconds at a time now and she has taken as many as 15 steps all by herself. She hasn’t really figured out how to just stand from sitting, but now she’ll slide off of her little chair and take a few steps or let go of my hand and walk five-ten steps. I think we will have a full-fledged walker by the time I write this 16 month post. Time will tell.

sliding off of the chair to walk. she actually does better with milk (a distraction) in her hands!

sliding off of the chair to walk. she actually does better with milk (a distraction) in her hands!


GROWTH: Bella had two doctor’s appointments within a week, one her 15 month check-up and the other an appointment with an orthopedic specialist to see if we need to be concerned about her feet turning out. At the first appointment she was 22 lbs, which is 66th percentile. At the second she was 21 lbs, which is 47th percentile. So quite a difference! Either way she is a little on the chunky side given her height. Speaking of height, we’ve moved up to the 1st percentile! She measured right around 28 inches at each appointment. She is definitely still the shortest in her class.

I hate shots!

I hate shots!


Amoxicillin from the doctor’s office. Bella’s new fave food.

TEETH: Up to eight teeth now!

SLEEP: Sleep is still going great. She is sleeping from 7 pm to 7-8 am for the most part other than the occasional night where she wakes earlier. Makes for happy parents!

FOOD: Some pickiness is finally setting in. Chicken and fish, which had been dinner staples, have become hit or miss. I think we’d been spoiled that we could just give her plain chicken or plain fish with no seasoning and she would scarf it down. Not anymore. She will still eat veggies but if there is any sort of carb on her tray, that gets eaten first.


SPEECH: There has been a little bit of language development this month. She continues to say “Titan” and will now address Lance with “dada”. Today I asked her to say “banana” before I gave her a banana for lunch and she humored me by squealing “nana!”. So definitely a little progress.


LOVES: Climbing stairs. Escaping outside. Holding her spoon (she will pick up a pea with her finger, stick it on the spoon, and then stick it in her mouth). Throwing things. Hugging her mama’s legs. Splashing in the toilet. Hates: wearing her sunglasses for more than 5 seconds.




I promise a post at some point with some new home and moving pictures. I forgot how much work goes into moving but I think (hope) the hardest parts are behind us.


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