15 Month Doctor’s Appointment

Last Thursday, right before I started the misoprostol, we took Bella to her 15 month doctor’s appointment.

Weight: 22 lbs 1 oz (66th percentile)
Height: 27.80 inches (1st percentile)
Head Size: 19 inches (98th percentile)

So basically her head is giant and her weight is really heavy for her height. The girl that refused to eat for her first ten days of life is now a full-on chunker. Her doctor said that if we want, we can switch her to 2% milk now and that she isn’t concerned about her weight because she’ll start to slim down once she starts walking.

We also found out at the appointment that Bella has her first ear infection. We had no clue! She has been sleeping 12+ hours at night and doesn’t tug on them. The doctor said it was a minor infection likely caused by all of the fluid in her sinuses. She was given a prescription that should clear it up quickly.

It was also advised that we take her to a pediatric orthopedic doctor to have a look at her right foot. It turns out 90 degrees to the side, so she said the pediatric doctor should make the decision as to whether she needs physical therapy or a brace, or if it will correct itself on its own.

So that is my little doctor’s appointment update. Over the weekend we went to a local museum and I can’t wait to recap that with pictures soon!


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