Taking Misoprostol for Miscarriage

This post isn’t for everyone. In fact, it probably isn’t for most of my normal blog readers (looking at you mom and dad!). But, I wanted to document this for a few reasons. One, for myself, in case god forbid I have to go through this again. And second, because I’ve relied on reading about others’ experiences to help get me ready to go through this, and I want to repay the favor. So please stop reading here if this isn’t something you are comfortable with. I promise to post a short, less graphic recap when all is said and done.

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9:30 am – I returned home from dropping Bella off at daycare. I take some sheets and place them over the couch and bring water bottles, gatorade, my cell phone, laptop, and all of the pain relievers to within an arm’s reach. Titan is chilling at the other end of the couch oblivious as usual. I take three motrin and then I insert the four pills vaginally and get comfy on the couch. The instructions from my doctor say to lay down for one hour after inserting the pills (I’m guessing so that they have time to dissolve. Within 15 minutes I feel some GI discomfort but no cramping.

10:30 am – I get up and go to the bathroom but no bleeding yet. The cramping starts to intensify so I take my first oxycodone. Passing the time by surfing the internet and watching HGTV.

11:30 am – Still no bleeding. The oxy has kicked in so no pain at the moment. Nausea came on abruptly about 15 minutes ago. Holding off on the zofran while I see if it goes away.

12:30 pm – Ate lunch. An almond butter and jelly sandwich with some greek yogurt. Trying to get some protein in to help if things get bad later. Went to the bathroom to see if anything is starting and there was a tiny little bit of pink blood when I wiped. Still nothing really happening but hopefully thats a sign that it will get going. One of my friends that knows what is happening texted and said we need a Ladies Night next week. Just what I need to be able to look forward to!

1:30 pm – We’re at the four hour mark. No blood but the cramping has started again. Nausea has subsided without meds.

2:30 pm – Cramping has really intensified. I’m not sure if it’s because things are getting ready to happen or because the oxy is wearing off. Definitely starting to get a little impatient because I was hoping that the worst would be over with before Bella got home from daycare. Its still possible I guess, but getting less and less likely.

3:00 pm – Cramping continuing to intensify so taking three motrin. Trying to hold off on another oxy for as long as I can. Still no blood though. Contemplating jumping jacks.

3:45 pm – I was literally dialing the phone number for the miscarriage clinic to ask if I need to feel the cramps for them to work, when I felt something. Blood has finally arrived! Not much but at least it is red. Lets hope things are finally getting underway. By the way, I forgot what its like to spend a day home with Titan. He has not left the same spot on the couch since I got home at 9:30.

5:00 pm – Pain isn’t too bad and when I go to the toilet, the blood just kind of falls out. Not seeing any big clots or tissue yet, but I think we are at least underway. Keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t need to repeat this process tomorrow.

5:30 pm – Pushed out my first clot. Maybe penny sized? Getting good gushes of blood when I go to the toilet but not saturating pads. Took another oxycodone as the motrin isn’t really doing the trick.

9:00 pm – Getting discouraged that the big event is going to happen with this first round of medicine. Still bleeding but no large clots and definitely no tissue. I’m not in any pain thanks to the oxy. Fingers crossed that something happens overnight. I did call and speak with the nurse earlier today and she said that if I don’t pass the tissue after 36 hours, I can take another dose. So that would be 9:30 tomorrow night.

Bedtime/Overnight – Saw my first piece of tissue on toilet paper. But it was super small. Maybe tic tac size. Overnight I woke up twice, but each time there was minimal blood.

8:00 am – Up for the day. Decided to work from home today just in case my body decides to get moving. Really don’t want to be at work in a stall next to someone when this happens. But, there is just minimal bleeding, so I’m starting to resign myself to needing a second dose tonight. Why can’t my body even do a miscarriage right?

11:00 am – I went to the pharmacy and picked up my refill on the misoprostol. 36 hours later would be 9:30 tonight, but I may cheat and take it a little earlier (maybe 8 pm?) in hopes that I’ll be finished by tomorrow morning.

1:30 pm – I think I passed the sac?! Felt a plop while going to the bathroom. Totally gross, but fished it out of the toilet with a spoon so that I could try and figure out if it was the sac. It was a clearish gray and maybe quarter sized with some tissue coming out one end. Looks like it is partially filled with blood. If this is truly it, I can’t believe I got to see my baby so close. Bringing tears to my eyes. I still don’t feel like I’ve bled enough as I haven’t had these big clots that everyone else talks about. I still think I’d rather take the second dose of misoprostol tonight in hopes of avoiding a D&C.

7:30 pm – Decide to take the second dose. I don’t take the pre-emptive painkillers this time.

9:00 pm – Absolutely nothing going on. No cramps. A little blood when I use the bathroom but no more than earlier today.

11:00 pm – Still no cramping. This is slower than things went yesterday when I expected that they’d be faster. Ugh. Going to bed and I guess we’ll see what happens overnight.

Overnight – I woke up once and was bleeding but minimally. I think a small clot may have come out when I went to the bathroom. No cramps ever occurred.

Morning – I just don’t know what to think. I’m bleeding, but it is just regular period-like bleeding which they said to expect for about a week after the misoprostol. Either my body didn’t have a lot of tissue to shed, or I’m going to end up with a D&C this week. I never had the violent effects to the misoprostol that most experience. The worst it got for me was similar to my worst menstrual cramps. I do think I passed the sac but I’m worried that not everything came out. I guess we will find out at my follow-up appointment on Tuesday.

So that is it. My experience with a misoprostol miscarriage. Very different from the ones I’ve read about as I was never in the agonizing pain that others talk about. We will know soon if it was effective.


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