The waiting game

I forgot how much I hated this last go around. And last time, I was just waiting for my HCG to drop. This time I’m still waiting to miscarry. It’s been a week since there was no heartbeat. It’s been 11 days since we were told that the miscarriage was coming. And it has been 3.5 weeks since our baby stopped growing.

So you’d think at some point my body would get itself into gear and get this process started.

Nope. I have no inkling of anything happening. Yesterday, I had a few hours of cramping that I thought was going to lead somewhere. But then it abruptly stopped and I haven’t had any cramping since.

My doctor’s appointment is on Wednesday. At that time we’ll discuss the medication that can help me pass it or the possibility of another d&c. I’m really not sure what I want at this point. The d&c was absolutely horrible last time. But once it was done, it was done. So it was only an hour or two of misery. I’ve read some horror stories about misoprostal and its my understanding that I’d expect that to take 8-12 hours of the worst cramps of my life. And then there is the possibility that I won’t pass everything and I’ll need the d&c anyway. Keep in mind that my doctor’s office does an awake d&c so you lose the anesthesia risk but gain the awareness and pain of what is happening.

So. Ugh. Has anyone made this choice before? What do you recommend?


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