A distracting trip

After our horrible news on Thursday, we packed up Bella, Titan, and the car and headed north to visit my best friend Jen and the newest addition to her household. I briefly thought about cancelling the trip in fear that I could start to miscarry while away, but instead decided that the distraction of being away from home would make the weekend easier.

And it sure worked. I barely had time to think about our loss because I was so busy chasing a suddenly stair-crazed Bella and sharing laughs with my good friends.

playing with baby toys

playing with baby toys

love these little munchkins

love these little munchkins

I wish I had gotten some photo or video of Bella on the stairs. We don’t have any at our house, but every time she had the chance with no one paying attention, she made a mad dash for their staircase. We’d quickly hustle behind her and play guard so she could explore climbing. One time she made it all the way to the top! Not too shabby for this little girl that isn’t even walking.

We had absolutely gorgeous weather and took advantage by going to their local playground and hanging in the backyard. Bella even had her first sandbox experience.

playing nicely in the sandboz

playing nicely in the sandbox

this is awesome

this is awesome

Note the sand on her face. Bella decided that the shovels looked like a big spoon.



It was such a fun time letting her play with her buddies. I think Lance enjoyed the calmness of toddler mornings.

nothing like waking up with cars on tv

nothing like waking up with cars on tv

Even though the four hour distance between us seems far when we’re driving, I’m thankful that these weekend trips are easy right now. And that Bella is still great in the car.


this weekend


how they've grown in the past six months!

how they’ve grown in the past six months!

I’m thankful to have a few great friends that have been with me through a lot over the past few years. We can laugh and cry together. But mostly laugh. Because who else besides college friends can remind you how ridiculous life was in those days?


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