14 months old!

As always, February has flown by. I can’t believe it is already March and that Bella is 14 months old!

14 months

We’ve had a lot more time at home this month, which has been very welcomed. It has been so much fun watching Bella explore her world. She can access it much easier now that she is crawling in turbo speed!

Here are updates from the past month!

MOVEMENT: Well, she still isn’t walking. But, the cruising skills have really improved. And she is walking pretty well when we hold her hands now, and even taking some steps when we only hold one hand. I had really thought she’d be walking by 14 months, but now I still think we’re another month or so away.


SLEEP: With the exception of one rough week where she had a bad cold, Bella has been sleeping great. In fact, today she slept until 9 am! Almost 14 hours and the latest she has ever slept. She must have known how wiped out I was from work yesterday! She is pretty reliable for one two-hour nap a day, and is apparently sleeping great on her cot at daycare.





FOOD: Bella is still eating pretty much anything. We try and keep everything healthy and as unprocessed as possible with her. She absolutely loves steamed broccoli and can eat a banana whole in about 30 seconds. Her main challenge? Spaghetti. She hasn’t quite figured out yet that it is food. Any other type of pasta is fine, but for some reason, she thinks spaghetti belongs on her head.

not really where spaghetti is supposed to go

not really where spaghetti is supposed to go

yum! broccoli and flounder!

yum! broccoli and flounder!


face covered in pesto after downing pesto spaghetti squash

SPEECH: Bella’s most certain word is “Titan”. She loves saying her brother’s name. It is very funny that she pretty much whispers it when she says it. It comes out more like “ta ta”. She still will not consistently call us mama and dada. She says both words, but never when we ask her to identify us.

LOVES: Opening and closing doors. Putting things in things. Taking things out of things. Emptying the bookshelves. Pushing buttons on the remote control, the iPhone, and even the emergency button on my key fob. Throwing the bouncy ball. Grabbing two bottles at once. Life is just tons of fun these days!

pulling all of the books off the shelf!

pulling all of the books off the shelf!

slides are fun!

slides are fun!


FRIENDS: With actually having some time at home this month, we’ve made a good effort to hang out with as many friends as possible. Bella is getting extra time to interact with kids her age, and even lots of little babies!


lots of babies amongst our group of friends hese days!

lots of babies amongst our group of friends hese days!

February has been a fun month. We’re looking forward to some warm weather in March and a lot more fun times together.


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