Snow Day!

This week was quite the adventure in North Carolina. The meteorologists seemed to be predicting anywhere from one to six inches of snow, and it arrived on Wednesday right around when they said it would.

Thankfully, Bella’s daycare let out at 12:30, and we arrived home just as the snow started coming down hard and quickly sticking. Apparently, EVERYONE decided to all leave work at the same time, and the combination of slick roads, cars without four wheel drive, and southern drivers not knowing how to handle the conditions, made for chaos on the roads.

This scene (minus the marshmellow man) was common all over. Thankfully, Lance had to work until 7, so by the time he got on the roads, the four hour back-ups had mostly cleared. Lance and I ventured out the following day and there were cars still stranded all over in the travel lanes. It was insane!

Anyway, we just had to introduce Bella to snow. All three of us ended home on Thursday with work and daycare closed, so we had the perfect opportunity. Since she can’t walk and doesn’t have snow pants, we put on a few pairs of pants, threw some plastics bags on each leg, and used duct tape to seal her up.

her snow pants!

her snow pants!

We set her on the porch to introduce her to the idea of snow. Her big smiles gave us the courage to try and sit her in the snow!

i'm ready for the snow, mama!

i’m ready for the snow, mama!

With the freezing rain that fell after the snow, we were able to set her down in the snow without her fully collapsing in, which definitely helps.

first steps in the snow!

first steps in the snow! not so sure

IMG_0112 IMG_0126

she decided that she wanted to crawl in the snow!

she decided that she wanted to crawl in the snow!

having way too much fun

having way too much fun

posing for the camera ;-)

posing for the camera 😉

I was (sorta) disappointed that we missed the season’s first snow while we were on a cruise a few weeks back, but this worked out perfectly! I got to enjoy just the perfect amount of snow, and by the end of next week, its supposed to be 70. I’ve had my fix, bring on spring!


One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. Haha, super cute!!
    We had a similar situation here in GA a few weeks ago and then a whole lot of ice this past week! I’m ready for warmer temps now too. 😉

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