13 months

Hey there! It’s been a while. We’ve had a busy month. Lance and I just returned from a cruise (thankfully not one of the norovirus ships) and we spent all day yesterday catching up on Bella-time, laundry, groceries, and all of that fun real life stuff. 

But the real reason for this post, Bella is 13 months old!

13 months

These pictures are getting difficult. Someone just wants to climb off the front of the chair. We’ll move them to standing pictures once she can stand!

Here’s our standard recap of the month.

SLEEP: Bella has been sleeping great lately. She is still going to bed around 7:00 pm and is now sleeping solidly until at least 7:00 am, and sometimes 8:00 or even 8:30! She gave us a lovely welcome back from the cruise by sleeping until 8:30 yesterday! That is later than we slept on half of our days at sea. As for naps, we’re pretty much down to one per day. At daycare, her Mariquitas class naps from 12:30-2:30, and she is apparently getting pretty good at sleeping on the cot with her classmates. On weekends, we play it by ear, but for the most part she was sleeping right around that time. 

she loves to play "sleep" now

she loves to play “sleep” now

FOOD: Bella is still a champion eater, although she is starting to express preferences. She will pretty much eat anything that we give her. She still loves broccoli and peas, plus yogurt, waffles, applesauce, avocado, lasagna, banana and all fruits. Tonight, she was pointing at the chicken that Lance and I were eating as she was shoveling peas in her mouth. Its nice that she is pretty easy to please on the food front. She’s also fully transitioned to organic whole milk and that seems to be going well too!

surprising us by eating a whole pickle

surprising us by eating a whole pickle

out to dinner with daddy in Boston...don't worry eating lobster and not fries ;-)

out to dinner with daddy in Boston…don’t worry eating lobster and not fries 😉

MOVEMENT: Bella is a full-fledged crawler and cruiser now, but still doesn’t seem close to walking. She manages to get around, although its not very encouraging that she is the only one in her class that can’t walk. Her pediatrician said they don’t care about it until she is 15 months, so she has another two months to figure things out.

on the move in her bathing suit

on the move in her bathing suit

SPEECH: Bella is making lots of new sounds, but not too many actual words. Sometimes we think she is saying “nana” for banana or “dada” for Lance, or “dog dog” for Titan, but honestly, she isn’t very consistent with any of it so we aren’t really sure which are real “words”. She is really verbal, and seems like she is trying to tell us entire stories, so we’re looking forward to her language continuing to develop.

LOVES: Walking with her walking toy, climbing into and out of her chair, pulling tissues out of boxes, pulling paper out of the printer, and pointing at anything and everything. 

sitting in her chair and pointing...two favorites

sitting in her chair and pointing…two favorites

Bella also took yet another trip this month, journeying with Lance for five days to Boston to visit me while I was on an eight-day work trip. I didn’t get to see her a ton, so they made themselves busy going out to eat (lots of seafood), swimming in the hotel pool and going to the Boston Children’s Museum.

bundled up in Boston

bundled up in Boston

enjoying the Boston Children's Museum

enjoying the Boston Children’s Museum

entertainment at the hotel pool

entertainment at the hotel pool

I think this is her third mascot that she has met!

I think this is her third mascot that she has met!

She also enjoyed her first time at the playground on an unseasonably warm day.

fun at the playground!

fun at the playground!


Wow, I really had a lot of updates this month! I think life should finally calm down now after a crazy December and January. Looking forward to more time at home with Bella and at least three straight weekends without traveling! 


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