First Birthday Party!

I’m finally back home after 8 days in Boston, so that means I can recap Bella’s first birthday party!

Our close friends and family members gathered at our house the day before I left town, and we had a fun pink and gold birthday party for our little girl.

IMG_9351I picked out the pink and gold theme a few months back and went with it. I tried really hard to not stress about hosting the party, and think I pulled it off without a total meltdown.

IMG_9339 IMG_9352 IMG_9355 IMG_9345

It was fun having our friends and family come celebrate the fact that we survived a whole year as parents…errrrr….Bella’s first birthday!

IMG_9379 IMG_9378 IMG_9422

IMG_9361 IMG_9365 IMG_9425For the first time other than at daycare, Bella really got to play with her friends (well, the babies of our friends). 



IMG_9427After making her smash cake from scratch and omitting sugar, we decided that for her birthday party she could have a mini-cupcake, sugar and all. Bella once again showed off how much fun she has with treats. She just grinned for a while when we gave it to her, before eventually picking it up, removing the frosting from the cake, and shoving it in her face.




IMG_9398 IMG_9403She also posed for pictures with the grandparents. 

IMG_9415 IMG_9414 IMG_9410With her belly full, it was time to open presents! I was surprised how well she did with opening them. As long as we helped her get the paper started, she was pretty good at ripping it the rest of the way off. Bella was definitely spoiled with all of the thoughtful gifts!





crepe paper is fun!

crepe paper is fun!

loving her new chair

loving her new chair

Bella’s first birthday party was a blast. I’m hoping to upload some videos of the cake smash and a few moments from the party in the near future. Even though this isn’t something she’ll remember, hopefully she’ll be able to look back on the photos and video and laugh at her eagerness for cake!


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