Happy 1st Birthday to Bella

I know I just posted her 12 month wrap up, but I figure now is as good of a time as ever to talk about the year that has passed.

I am in awe that I have a one year old. We’ve had a year of smiles, tears, diaper changes, and nursing sessions. We’ve had 365 days to watch this tiny little baby turn into a fun, excitable, curious little girl. And it has been the best.

Bella is just so much fun and I can’t believe in how many ways she has changed our life for the better.

But enough of my mush…let’s talk cake.

I’ve been excited for Bella’s smash cake for months and months. At every first birthday party I’ve been to, the cake smash is my favorite part. I love how some babies are slow to explore their cake, while others dive right in.

I really wasn’t sure what Bella’s reaction would be. She is a pretty ferocious eater, but part of me had a feeling that she would not be the type of baby that would two hand smash the whole cake in her face.

Let’s just move to the photos which tell the story.

i'm ready!

i’m ready!

i smile pretty for cake

i smile pretty for cake

oooh...guess i'll give this a try

oooh…guess i’ll give this a try



this is pretty fun

this is pretty fun

cake is awesome

cake is awesome

phew...this is exhausting

phew…this is exhausting

where did you come from?

where did you come from?

it's ok...we'll just share

it’s ok…we’ll just share

we're a bit messy

we’re a bit messy

i love cake

i love cake

and...i'm done

and…i’m done

The cake was homemade. She’ll get a regular cupcake at her party, but for this cake, we decided to go sugar free – so it’s all natural based on the cake recipe from this website and the frosting recipe from this website. It took a while to make, but it tasted really good. Basically like banana bread. The frosting was really sweet thanks to the apple juice concentrate.

We had so much fun as a family watching her explore and eventually devour her cake. She did end up taking things pretty slow at first, but eventually was taking non-stop finger-fulls of frosting. Titan even got in on the action and gave us that priceless photo.

Happy Birthday Bella Avery!



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