12 months (one year old!)

It’s Bella’s first birthday! Holy smokes, I can’t believe that she is a year old.

1 year

I’ll separately talk about her birthday in another post, so here I’d just like to recap the month.

SLEEP: As rough as last month was, that is how good this month has been. She has slept through the night, roughly 7-7 all month, with the exception of a bad day here or there. We are so grateful for being able to catch up on our own rest! At daycare, she is barely napping – I think the noise of all of the babies now gets to her. At home on the weekends though, she’ll nap for two hours straight. So with her starting her new class at daycare, where they turn the lights out and all nap at the same time, I think we’ll see improvement.


FOOD: Bella continues to eat pretty much anything. She is definitely doing a little better at slowing down and stopping when she is full (she’ll push our hands away). She is also drinking way more water, and will now reach for her sippy cup and take a sip between bites. So cute. She is loving scrambled eggs, ravioli, and yogurt and still eats plain veggies like broccoli, peas, and butternut squash.

Bella's favorite spot in the house

Bella’s favorite spot in the house

NURSING: Today is Bella’s first day as a weaned baby. I nursed her for the last time yesterday morning. It’s sad for me, as we held on to her morning session for a little extra because it is so calm and peaceful. But she really didn’t seem to care to wake up with a sippy cup of whole milk this morning. So probably one of those things that is harder on me than her. I think we are also totally done with bottles, although we may use them in the mornings some times if it is 6 am and we are wanting her to go back to sleep. We still have to figure that one out.

MOBILITY: Bella is suddenly all over the place. Last month, I said she had just started knee crawling. She is now fully knee crawling, and with some speed! She pulls up on everything and is starting to take a few cruising steps. Bella doesn’t seem to have much interest in walking (just as with rolling over and crawling…I’m sure she’ll get there when she’s ready). We try to walk with her holding our hands and she’ll take a step or two and then sit down and crawl away!


SPEECH: She has so much to say, but not much in the way of actual words. Bella has a lot of “dada” and “adah”. Sometimes we think she is addressing Lance, but there is so much babbling that it is hard to tell. Lots of “baba”, an occasional “mama” (not addressed to me). I guess it will come with time. She clearly loves to chat, and soon we may actually have an idea of what she is saying!


LOVES: Staring into the toilet, putting things into and taking things out of her barn, opening all of the kitchen cabinets and drawers (we’ve since child proofed), opening and closing doors to rooms. And I swear this baby has some sort of iPhone/iPad radar. She can find one sitting within her reach in seconds!


What a fun month it has been. Bella has always been a pretty happy baby, but now that she is mobile she can really entertain herself if I have to do something for a minute. Makes for a happy mommy and daddy!

one happy baby

one happy baby


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