Some Holiday Spirit

Today is my first sick day in a long time! Lance and I both woke up with a stomach virus yesterday morning. This is after both having strep over Thanksgiving. I guess this is welcome to life with a baby at daycare!

Anyway, over the weekend, we finally were able to somewhat catch up with life. We were able to go out and pick our tree after work one day last week, and on a rainy day Saturday, we decorated! We had totally planned on doing it during Bella’s afternoon nap, but she surprised us and happily played next to us while we trimmed the tree.

Below are the results of our first little photo session. We plan on doing a second session this weekend with the tripod for some family pics. Unfortunately, we are so far behind that there won’t be any holiday cards this year, so consider this your “Happy Holidays” card!


her new thing: blowing kisses

her new thing: blowing kisses






"helping" decorate the tree

“helping” decorate the tree

So far, all of our ornaments have been safe from curious hands. Now that Bella is finally full-on knee crawling, we were a little worried. But since she is mostly attracted to blinking lights, I guess they are safe for now!


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