Some Fall Activities

Now that fall is just about over with (seriously…where does the time go?), I figure I should circle back to some of the fun activities we did over the past few months.

In early November, I was invited to attend the grand opening of a new, seasonal ice rink in Downtown Durham. While Bella had been on the ice with me at PSU, she had never actually felt the motion of skating around a rink.


She seemed to love it! The atmosphere was wonderful, with delicious catering and a festive hot chocolate bar.


Lance and I took turns skating (only I carried Bella on the ice…daddy isn’t quite as sturdy on his skates!), eating, and posing for pictures with Stormy and Wool E. Bull.

IMG_8515IMG_8512 IMG_8519So much fun getting her on the ice and letting her experience the thrill of motion!

This past weekend, we hit the road yet again for a 24 hour visit to Charlotte to see the ACC Football Championship. Lance’s beloved Seminoles were playing Duke, and with the game an easy two hour drive away and FSU ranked #1, there was no doubt that we’d find a way to go.

IMG_3396I had several friends in town for the game, and some work colleagues who threw an awesome tailgate – so after arriving on Saturday we met my friend Christina for lunch and then hung out at a tailgate. Bella seemed to enjoy taking in the sights and napped in her stroller and ergo for the first time in a while!

IMG_3402The picture above came as a total shock to us. She is really learning to imitate. She will now do “touchdown”, “uh oh” (hands on her head), and apparently, “#1”. When I took this picture it was the first time we’d ever shown her “#1” and we were shocked that she made such a good attempt!


We got all bundled up and headed over to the game. Thankfully, the forecast shifted in the final 24 hours and it did not rain. Temperatures were in the low 40s so it was cold, but manageable. I wore 4 upper layers, and then strapped Bella around me in the ergo and put a jacket on top. We were worried about the 8 pm kick-off but she slept for the entire second and third quarters.

IMG_3409Bella woke up in the fourth quarter, and while she wasn’t crying, FSU had a huge lead, so we decided to snap one final picture and head back to the hotel.

I am happy to report that we are now home and not traveling until January. I am definitely worn out and feeling behind with all of this go-go-go, so staying put is a welcome change!

I do have some weekend work commitments coming up to go along with several fun holiday parties, so I’m really looking forward to a few days off soon!





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