11 Months!

It probably seems that we have totally disappeared from the blog. I have so much that I want to chat about, but this month (all fall really) has been totally nuts! I’ve been out of state for 10 days and just returned yesterday, and definitely have a lot to catch up on, but for now, Bella is 11 months old!

11 monthsI cannot wrap my mind around the fact that she will be turning one in exactly one month. Unbelievable. Bella is developing at breakneck pace right now. It seems like every day something new is happening. In fact, yesterday, after our seven hour drive home from Pennsylvania, she waved “hello” for the first time (previously she had been waving “bye” and “adios”). The day before she pointed for the first time. And the day before that she crawled on her knees for the first time. Growing right before our eyes.

Bella 43-46

So onto our normal monthly recap.

SLEEP: This has been a really rough month for sleep. She has only slept through a handful of nights, and has typically been waking once around 4 or 5 am. I’ve been mostly attributing it to the cold that she has had for 7-8 weeks, so hoping we have some improvement here soon.

Not asleep, but in her new favorite soothing pose

Not asleep, but in her new favorite soothing pose

EATING & DRINKING:  As usual, Bella continues to eat anything and everything coming her way. She is loving the scrambled eggs that we’ve added to her diet this month, as well as her normal fruit and veggie faves, toast, whole milk yogurt, and cheese. She can now eat a whole banana at once! The other big development is that Bella is suddenly drinking water! We switched to a soft spout trainer sippy cup, put milk in it the first few times to get her used to it, and then switched to water. She doesn’t drink much at a time, but she’ll at least drink half an ounce here and half an ounce there.

drinking water out of her new sippy cup!

drinking water out of her new sippy cup!

MOVEMENT: Remember at ten months, when I said we didn’t have a crawler? That changed at ten months and one day, when she army crawled for the first time trying to get to a cheerio. Just in the past few days, she has also tried knee crawling! It started with just two little crawls the first time, and then yesterday she took six knee crawls forward! Major progress. She is also doing a lot more standing holding onto things! No steps on her own yet, but I’m guessing those will come shortly after she turns one.



DEVELOPMENT: We have seen a lot of imitation from Bella in the past few weeks. She’ll put her arms up in the air for touchdown and hold her head if we hold ours (we were trying to teach her head, shoulders, knees, and toes).



LOVES: Putting two fingers in her mouth for comfort while cuddling onto mommy or daddy. Following us around the house (kind of). Scrunching her nose when she smiles(this just started and is cracking us up!). Her new shoes!

Bella's first shoes

Bella’s first shoes

NIGHT WEANING: This is new in the past week. With our goal of having Bella fully weaned by early January (I have an 8 day work trip right after her first birthday), now is the time to finally get going on the night weaning. I’ve been really reluctant because it is so easy to just quickly nurse her back to sleep in the middle of the night, but it is time to break this habit. Last week, I tried giving her some water and then putting her back in the crib. It worked for five straight days, and then yesterday it didn’t work. So we’ll keep at it and hopefully by next month we’ll have fully weaned!

I will do my best to catch up on some back posts in the next few weeks. At least in December, I’ll only be away from home for one night!


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