When you’re a kid, Halloween is one of the best days of the year. A parade at school, hanging out with friends on a weeknight, and all of that candy! In high school it gets a bit blah, but then you get to college and its a whole new ballgame of parties and fun. After graduation it is back to blah. I’ve gone to parties here and there, but it just hasn’t had the excitement for me for many years. Last year, while I was on bed rest, we turned the lights off and pretended we weren’t home!

Now, with a baby – albeit one that had no idea what was going on – Halloween is fun again! There was a parade at Bella’s school and we had friends and their baby over to help us hand out candy. Just as joyful as I remember the holiday being and I can’t wait to plan more exciting activities as Bella gets older.

So first up was Bella’s daycare parade. They also did a “trunk or treat” (which I had never heard of prior to this week) with all of the older classes, and it was nice to see the older kids have their fun.

Bella and a few of her classmates

Bella and a few of her classmates


Vaca Bella!

Vaca Bella!

The Abejitas class

The Abejitas class

In front of one of the "trunk" or treats

In front of one of the “trunk” or treats

After school, we came home and took advantage of the beautiful weather with a lot of outdoor photo taking of Bella in costume.

IMG_8389 IMG_8402 IMG_8429 IMG_8435 IMG_8440

A few minutes after we took pictures, our friends came over with their little boy. We’ve all been so busy that we’d been struggling to find a time to hang out, so we figured what better than to get together with the kids in cute costumes.


moms and babies

moms and babies

We stood in the driveway and handed out candy to all of the earlybird trick or treaters. It was such a fun time and it will surely be quite different next year when she might have an idea of what is going on!



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