October 4

One year ago yesterday, I returned back from Detroit and noticed some questionable tightening. Having no idea what it was, Lance persuaded me to call the doctor at 9 pm for some reassurance that all was OK. When the doctor decided over the phone that I should come into the hospital to get checked out, it never even crossed my mind that I was in labor, with contractions 3 minutes apart. That day was the start of nine weeks of bedrest, which thankfully ended and was followed with four uneventful weeks of pregnancy before Bella was born on January 2nd.

For all the fear that occurred that day, I feel so blessed that Bella was able to hold out for a while longer before she made her grand entrance. While nine weeks of bedrest seemed like it would never end at the time, now I can look back and realize that it was just a blip in our lives.

One year later, we took our nine month old to the pediatrician, where we were told that she was looking great. Bella is still teeny tiny. She is 15.5 lbs (10th percentile) and 25 inches (0 percentile). As her doctor said, at least she’ll fit in her infant car seat for a really long time.


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