7 months

Bella is 7 months old! Our little girl is growing up before our very eyes. She has had so many physical developments in the past month. Bella is really starting to self-entertain, which makes life a lot easier for everyone and a lot more fun for her!

7 months

Focus on the cute baby and ignore the horrible shadows. This was taken after work today!

Bella 26-29

Lots of cute smiles this month!

Food: Bella just loves to eat. We’ve been lucky that she has enjoyed every taste she has had of food. In addition to the pureed sweet potato, butternut squash, peas, oatmeal and bananas she’s had, she had her first taste of self-feeding yesterday. We gave her little bits of avocado after we’d prepared some for our dinner – mostly just to try and entertain her while we ate. To our surprise, she managed to pick up the tiny little bits and get them in her mouth! We’ll be sure to do more of this in the future (and maybe try some other finger foods).

Physical Development: She is a pro at sitting now. No more toppling over, and she can sit with toys and play for about 20 minutes without getting bored. At daycare, it is great to see her interacting with the other kids (well…they stare at each other) and played with so many more toys now that she can sit up. As far as rolling over, it still isn’t happening. She just hates being on her stomach, but doesn’t get frustrated enough to roll. I guess as long as her doctor isn’t concerned, we won’t worry about it!

look at me sitting on the bed!

look at me sitting on the bed!

Teeth: Her first tooth is here! And her second is just started to poke through the gums. Bella had a very intense month of drooling in June which was accompanied by a lot of waking up at night. It took several weeks after the waking and drooling for the tooth to finally poke through though! We’re happy that these two are here, but hope she doesn’t go through such extended misery with the next set!

Daycare: Or should I call it summer camp? Each week during the summer, Bella’s daycare has a theme. This week was princesses and knights week, so today there was a princess parade with all of the kids and babies dressed in their finest! She has had lots of splash time and made artwork with her classmates. It is so cute that they try and incorporate the themes into the baby classrooms – even if the babies fall asleep and miss the big events occasionally!


she’s a natural artist, huh?

Playtime: Bella’s favorite game right now is one her daddy has dubbed “earthquake”. You need to watch the video to truly appreciate how this is the most fun thing in her life. If you can’t watch, “earthquake” basically entails Lance bouncing the bed until she falls over onto our comforter. She thinks it is hilarious and this gets the most audible giggles of anything.

Sleep: Bella is still sleeping through the night. We are hoping it continues for a good long while! She is also taking much shorter naps at daycare. They are pretty much limited to an hour max, twice per day. At home, we have finally transitioned to naps in the crib – allowing us to move the swing to the attic.

So that wraps up the past month. We’ve got an exciting August with a big trip and some visitors, so I’m sure it’ll fly by as the other recent months have. 


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