Eating Time!

I feel like I haven’t posted an update in forever. This month has really gone fast. We’ve had a lot of social events that have kept our evenings and weekends packed! Luckily, Bella is in a really happy stage where it is fairly easy to bring her out – especially if she isn’t confined to her carseat.

Anyway – an update on her first month of solids.

During her first week of solids, before her doctor’s appointment, we were giving her one ounce of food once per day. Her doctor suggested that we go up to three solid meals per day. Each meal is generally somewhere between one and two ounces.


She gets baby oatmeal (we’ve been using the Happy Baby Happy Bellies brand) once per day, and then fruit or veggie purees twice a day.

So far, she has had butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peas, and bananas. We just pureed some carrots today so that will be next for her to try. Thankfully, she is not a picky eater at this point. She is pretty open to whatever we give her and eats everything enthusiastically.


What is she not enthusiastic about? Water. We’ve tried giving it to her in a sippy cup with no success. We even tried putting it in her bottle and she didn’t like it that way either. So we’ll keep trying with the water and hopefully she’ll drink it eventually. Her doctor told us that it was time to start with water but it is definitely slow going.


oh…this isn’t food?

We are still going strong with nursing. She nurses six times per day in addition to her new solid routine. She may be on the small end, but I guess when you’re only 2 feet tall, you only have room for so much food.


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