Splash Time!

Bella’s teachers love to tell us how much she enjoys splash time. And given her happiness in the bathtub, it is not a surprise. For the past few weekends, we have been hoping to bring Bella to our neighborhood pool. However, Mother Nature decided not to cooperate until this Sunday, when we finally had a rain-free weekend day and were able to take a nice walk to the pool and get her in the water. Bella’s grandpa Steve and grandma Beth were even on hand to watch the fun unfold.

It was early in the morning, which was nice because the pool was empty, but difficult because the water was a bit chilly. Lance slowly made his way down the pool stairs, bringing Bella in feet first.


The pictures may not look like she was miserable, but after a few early cries, she actually seemed curious about the sensation and enjoying herself.



I swear she was having more fun than this looks!


It also appears that she thought she was back in the womb, as evidenced by this whole-body-in-the-water pose.


We lasted about seven or eight minutes in the pool and decided that we could try again another day.



It was a fun way to spend a Sunday morning, and I’m glad Bella was finally able to have her first pool experience! Definitely something we’d like to do more often.


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