Another six month post

We’re still celebrating Bella’s half birthday over here. Sunday morning, we headed to our front yard for a little six month old photo shoot.




This is what happened when we squeezed Sophie to try and get her to smile. IMG_7029

And this is what happened when Titan decided he wanted to join the picture party. IMG_7013

So like any good model, Bella changed outfits and we took a few more photos. I love this first one. She put her arm around him on her own, and then started playing with this strand of yarn right as I took the picture. Totally an accident and one of my favorite images I’ve ever captured.


In this next picture, I love how it looks like she is playing with him and he could care less. IMG_7061

Titan is showing Bella what total relaxation looks like. IMG_7057

Switching gears from photography, yesterday she had her six month doctor’s appointment, and as we predicted, she is still a peanut. Bella is 23.2″ long, good enough to still be off the charts short. She is 13 lbs 6 oz, which is the 7th percentile. Her head is in the 68th percentile though! She received another three vaccines, and I had a good conversation with her doctor about solids (she is increasing the amount that we started her on last week). Other than some eczema, which is pretty common in babies, she seems to be in great health.

So, one week later, we can stop celebrating her half birthday. At this rate, I can’t wait to see how long her first birthday celebration lasts!


One thought on “Another six month post

  1. Faryn, these pictures are precious!! Bella is beautiful. I really enjoy your posts. I look forward to
    reading them and watching Bella grow. She is such a happy baby with a great smile.

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