6 months

Our baby girl is 6 months (i.e. half a year!!!) old!

6 months

I’ve really been looking forward to this day. One, my goal since day one was to exclusively breastfeed until Bella was at least six months old, and I can now check that off. My ultimate goal is to be at 9 months or a year, but this was the big original goal. Two, I was soooo excited to feed her solid foods for the first time. Let’s face it, babies make really cute faces, and I couldn’t wait to see how Bella would react to her first taste of food.

Lucky for you, we were a little impatient and may have given her her first solids on July 1 instead of July 2. Not my fault! The food defrosted quicker than I’d thought and was just calling her name from the fridge. So without further adieu, Bella’s first solids!

We have a ton of pictures from that fun little event, so I’ll be sure to do a follow-up post with all of that cuteness.

Now onto the rest of our six month post.

SLEEP: This started out as a really rough month for sleep. There was one short patch where she was even waking up four times a night. We had no idea why. Thought she had to be teething but no teeth ever appeared. And gradually it got better, to one-two times a night. And now, over the past week or so, she is back to sleeping through! Everyone warns you about sleep regressions, but the still totally stink. The good news? They eventually end :-).

not asleep, but looking awfully cute in mommy and daddy's bed

not asleep, but looking awfully cute in mommy and daddy’s bed

MOTOR SKILLS MILESTONES: By six months, babies should be sitting up and rolling front to back. I think Bella is pretty much where she should be with sitting up. She enjoys it and does a good job, but after a minute or so she loses back strength and gradually falls forward. She is quickly improving though. As for rolling over, she is definitely behind. We were so excited when she finally rolled front to back a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, she hasn’t done it for us since! She even fights to not roll when we try and put her half way. It’ll come in time I guess, although I’m sure it’ll be a discussion point during her pediatrician visit next week.

look at me sit!

look at me sit!

DAYCARE: We are so fortunate that Bella seems to really like daycare. Now that they are in “summer camp”, she has splash time twice a week. Her teachers are always telling us how much she enjoys the water, and that she is always smiling. Given her love of bath time, including when we dump water on her head, I believe it!

splash time photo from daycare!

splash time photo from daycare!

She has also started “speaking spanish” as we call it. A few weeks ago Bella started making this funny noise when she is crying. Her teachers think it is hilarious and so do we. Even another parent at daycare commented on it. Yesterday I was finally able to capture it on video.

FOOD: As I mentioned earlier in this post, we gave Bella her first solids yesterday. She is nursing/having a bottle 6 times per day (more if she wakes up overnight) and now we will be introducing an ounce or two of puree at dinnertime. At some point we’ll start a second solid meal while she is at daycare, but we aren’t quite sure when the best time to do that is.

yummmm butternut squash!

yummmm butternut squash!

GROWTH: Bella’s six month doctor’s visit isn’t until next week, so I can’t really update this yet. We are expecting her to be at less than 10th percentile in height and weight, just from looking at her versus her classmates that are close in age, but I’ll definitely provide a little update once we get the data.

i can play!

i can play!

Life with Bella gets more and more fun all the time now. I love how she smiles and interacts, and watching her joyful expressions makes me so happy.


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