Weekend Visitors

As I mentioned in our anniversary recap the other day, Bella’s mom mom and pop pop came for a visit. In fact, since mom mom is recently retired, they came for a long visit – just leaving today! It was great for them to be able to spend their first extended visit with Bella, and nice for us to have some time that we could get out. We even played our first round (well, half a round) of golf since last August when I was 20 weeks pregnant!

The love was definitely mutual. Bella really enjoyed having some new faces to spoil her with attention, and mom mom and pop pop couldn’t get enough of their first grandchild. These precious moments are definitely best shown with pictures.


IMG_6910 IMG_6906 IMG_6903




It was a fun visit, and really has me looking forward to our upcoming family lake trip. I certainly don’t think Bella minds all of the extra attention!


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