Anniversary Recap

And now, a break from all of the baby posts. Just a short break. I’ll be back with a recap of her mom mom and pop pop’s visit soon!

This Friday, Lance and I celebrated our second anniversary. It has been a fast two years since we said our vows at Hawksnest Beach in St. John.

st john


Mom mom and Pop pop arrived on Thursday evening, so after we worked all day Friday, we let them take Bella home from daycare, and had our first extended date since her birth. It was a little worrisome to allow someone besides us to put her to bed, but we’ve been told (and hopefully it was true) that everything went great. She actually slept until 8 a.m. Saturday, a record long night of sleep!

For our date, we went out to a restaurant in Raleigh we’d been wanting to try called Poole’s Diner, and then went to see one of my favorite bands, the Zac Brown Band. I’d been really nervous about having time to do dinner and make it to the concert in time, but everything worked out perfect. Dinner was amazing. Highly recommend Poole’s to anyone in this area. And the concert was fantastic too. I love ZBB’s music but had never seen them live. It was so much fun. (Excuse the crappy iphone photos)

duck tortelloni, mac and cheese, red drum at Poole's Diner

duck tortelloni, mac and cheese, red drum at Poole’s Diner

Zac Brown Band!

Zac Brown Band!

only anniversary picture we managed to get...totally out of focus

only anniversary picture we managed to get…totally out of focus

We exchanged gifts at dinner. We kind of accidentally fell into the year by year anniversary presents. Lance gets me the modern gift and I get him the traditional gift. Last year, for “clocks” I got a watch, and for “paper” Lance got a Sunday New York Times subscription.

This year, for “china” I got an antique china picture frame with a wedding photo inside.


For “cotton”, Lance got a map of our wedding location on an embroidery hoop (go etsy).


It was really nice to have a whole night to enjoy each other’s company, and we didn’t feel too much guilt since we only missed out on an hour and a half of awake time.

Now if only we could get back to St. John for our anniversary next year ;-).



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