5 months old!

Happy June! Can you believe it is almost summer already? I cannot. I’m pretty sure we just skipped spring here in North Carolina and went straight to summer. It has been a scorcher the past few days.

5 months


At her four month doctor’s appointment, it was confirmed that she is a little peanut. She measured off the charts in height (on the short side of course) and was in the 13th percentile for weight. I do feel like she has grown this month – probably due to the inordinate number of night feedings.

Bella 17-21


This month we switched from the long-sleeved 3 month onesie that you see in the 17 week picture, to the 6 month short-sleeve onesie that is in the rest. You can really see how much tighter the 6 month onesie has gotten over the past 4 weeks!

Now our monthly updates:

SLEEP: Oh, what has happened to our great sleeper? The past week in particular has been really rough. I keep looking for a sign of a tooth, and yesterday, Lance finally spotted her two front teeth under the skin. I really hope they break through soon because waking 3-4 times per night is no fun. She throws in a few better nights to give me a brief reprieve, but I really miss the consistent once a night that we’d been in or even better than week of sleeping through!

one of my favorite photos of her?

one of my favorite photos of her!

GROWTH: As I mentioned above, I think she is starting to fill out a bit. We’ve moved her into 6 month pants, but she is still wearing 3 month sleepers and onesies. I think she’ll be slowly transitioning into more 6 month clothes in the next few weeks.

our little peanut...one day shy of 5 months!

our little peanut…one day shy of 5 months!

MOTOR SKILLS: We’ve been putting Bella on her kick n’ play playmat daily since we brought her home from the hospital. At first, all she did was stare at herself in the mirror and reflexively kick the piano. Then, she started to attempt to grab at the toys dangling above her, but had a hard time getting them in her hands. Next, she was effectively grabbing with one hand. Now, in the past week, she has started grabbing them with two hands! Major motor progress.


ROLLING OVER: This still hasn’t happened yet. She sleeps completely still and just doesn’t seem to have much interest in rolling over. The best she does is get up on her side if I’m sitting to her side and she is trying to look around so that she can see me. She is having trouble getting that hip over. But really, she just doesn’t even try. I think it’ll come by the end of June though.

no, we don't try and get her to roll over in the chair...this picture just cracks us up

no, we don’t try and get her to roll over in the chair…this picture just cracks us up

DAYCARE: Her daycare is great. Starting tomorrow though, she will no longer be the baby. A 13-week old will be starting and Bella will become the second youngest. I absolutely love my lunch breaks, as visiting with her is a wonderful way to split up my work day.



Crazy to think that one month from now, she’ll be half a year old and will be starting solids. I was going to post a few outtakes from today’s photo shoot, but someone is awake and not happy, so they will have to wait for another post!


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