My First Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day last year was not the best. I was five weeks pregnant, waking up in Ohio getting ready to drive back to North Carolina with one of my grad school classmates, when I noticed blood. I was absolutely terrified and spent most of the ride home sobbing (sorry Allison!) Obviously everything ended up being OK, but at the time I definitely didn’t think I’d be celebrating Mother’s Day in 2013.


Thankfully, I did get to experience my first Mother’s Day as a mom. And it was absolutely perfect. Lance took Bella when she woke at 7:30 and allowed me to sleep in until 8:30. He then made me waffles and we sipped mimosas. We just hung around the house for a while before going to the gym and then out to lunch with Bella. Then in the evening, I played hockey for the first time since just before Thanksgiving 2011 – a month before I got pregnant the first time. It felt so good to get back on the ice, even though my legs felt like mush.



I got beautiful flowers from Lance and my mom, and several very thoughtful “first Mother’s Day” cards from friends.


The picture of Bella and I in the strawberry field is from where we went strawberry picking on Saturday. The weather was gorgeous and I really wanted to do something outside. Plus, Lance and I both love strawberries so it seemed like a great idea. We weren’t there for very long since we didn’t want Bella to spend too much time in the direct sunlight, but we got some really good berries. This place is definitely on my list to go back to next year, when she’ll be able to pick some berries herself!

look who is holding a strawberry!

look who is holding a strawberry!

picking berries with daddy

picking berries with daddy



strawberry shortcake from scratch!

It was a perfect weekend with great weather, and I couldn’t have been happier with the wonderful times with my little family.


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