4 months

Our baby girl is getting oh so big.

4 months

4 months old. In some ways it seems that it was just yesterday that we welcomed Bella to the world, screaming her head off and covered in goo. In other ways, it seems like it was forever ago, and I can barely remember the struggles of those first weeks. Remember when she used to sleep 20+ hours a day? Remember when she cried any time she was awake and not eating? It seems like ages ago and just yesterday.

Bella 13-16

But, here we are, with a four month old who just finished her first month of daycare. Some updates on Bella’s progress.

Measurables: Today was Bella’s four month doctor’s appointment. She had more shots which is not fun for anyone, but, the most exciting part of the visit is learning her height and weight. Her weight stayed on the curve, but dropped to the 13th percentile. She weighed 13.36 lbs. Her height on the other hand, dropped off the curve and off the chart. She only measured 21.3″!

our little peanut modeling her school jacket

our little peanut modeling her school jacket


Sleep: Bella surprised us when on the night before her first day of daycare and my return she slept through the night. Not slept through the night by pediatrician standards (5 hours of consecutive sleep), but for real sleeping through the night – 7 pm – 7 am. Woah. I was a happy mommy. Her for real sleeping through the night lasted for a week, until she caught her first cold. Sadly, even though that was 3 weeks ago, she hasn’t gone back to sleeping through. At least for the past week she has only been up once a night. I can definitely deal with a 4 or 5 am wakeup, especially if she goes back to bed until my alarm goes off!


Daycare: I could not be happier with Bella’s daycare. I love her teachers, the family-feel of the school, and that I get to visit her everyday. The only downside is that on days when I’m travelling (either out of state or an hour away) and Lance has to take her in, it is really out of the way for him. Hopefully it doesn’t happen so frequently that it becomes a problem.

Bella's daycare class and teachers

Bella’s daycare class and teachers

Babbling: Our baby girl loves to chat. Her favorite conversationalist is Sophie, her squeaking giraffe. They can talk like nobody’s business. See Exhibit A below.

Milestones: She hasn’t rolled over yet, but she is finally starting to grab toys. She had been skilled at grabbing fabric for a while, but she is now showing an interest at grabbing the toys dangling over her on her playmat. Her head and neck are strong, and she can now look from side to side during tummy time.

We’ve survived a big transition month and at our appointment today we were given information about solid foods. Can’t believe that big change is only two months away! I have a lot more April photos that I’ll try and upload in the next few days, too.


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