A perfect weekend

Blah. It’s Monday. We had such a fantastic weekend that it is hard to accept the realities of another work week.

Friday afternoon, Bella’s daycare let out early and the entire school got together at a local community center for the yearly International Party. Even though we were just concluding Bella’s first week of school, it was great to be included in this fun event. Each class danced to a different spanish song, and after the performances, there were tables with homemade food from the teachers from their native countries. We sampled food from Mexico, Honduras, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. It was great! Plus it was nice to meet other parents in Bella’s class and some moms with teeny tiny babies (I can’t believe she isn’t the teeny tiny baby anymore!) that will be joining Bella’s class soon.

Bella’s class and the one year-old class danced to La Bamba. It was so cute and of course we were proud parents video-ing and taking pictures as it happened.

She had no idea what was going on but was a good sport and didn’t cry for the entire duration of the party!

some of Bella's classmates

some of Bella’s classmates

Bella and her teacher

Bella and her teacher

La Bamba!

La Bamba!

Her teacher sewed all of the little girl dresses. They were so precious.

After starting off our Friday with all of that fun, we kept up the excitement all weekend. Saturday we went down to Chapel Hill for an Earth Day celebration. Mainly we went because we wanted to try out the grilled cheese food truck, but we also took in some of the other activities and made a mental note to bring Bella back when she is old enough to do the different kid’s crafts. Sunday, we took Bella to her first Durham Bulls game. It was a little chilly but she did great.

This week will be tough because I’m spending my first night away from her for a work trip. I’m a little nervous about all of the pumping I’ll have to squeeze in and all of the bottles she’ll have to take, but we’ll survive. Its only 36 hours so hopefully a good test.




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