Three Months Old!

With all of the travel and daycare starting/maternity leave ending, Bella’s three month birthday almost passed us by!

3 months


Here is a shot of her growth week by week:

Bella 9-12


The differences in the past month seem immense, but I guess that is how things go for all of the first year.

SLEEP: Her sleeping pattern has really changed over the past month. She has gone from waking twice a night, to once a night, and for the past two days…all the way through the night! She slept straight until 6:45 a.m. today. I guess she knew mommy was going back to work and that I’d appreciate the extra sleep!

ACTIVITY: Bella is much more aware now. She loves looking at herself on her play gym mirror and is starting to bat at the toys dangling above her. She is still not a fan of storytime.

SMILES: They are plentiful now! She will smile back at anyone that smiles at her. It is so cute and makes me happy every time.

TALKING: Well, I guess it is really babbling at this point, but we have conversations. We can chat back and forth with her for a solid 10 minutes. Oddly, she responds best when we answer her with babble instead of words.

GROWTH: No growth stats since she is now halfway between her 2 and 4 month pediatrician appointments, but her tummy seems to be growing a little. And according to everyone who meets her, those cheeks are growing too! She is still short and her newborn socks still fall off of her feet.

It’s amazing how much bigger she seems and how much more alert she is now that she is three months old. The next big milestones are sitting up and getting that first tooth!


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